Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitted doll

I have to confess -- I am a pretty pathetic knitter.  But even I could handle this project.  It has plenty of flaws, and I think it might be a little lopsided, so it is a good thing it is a present for an 18 month old. 
This is a super quick project and requires only the ability to do the basic knit stitch.  Honestly, it is so fast that you still have time to make one before Christmas (one week away!) if you are fairly diligent.  The free pattern is available here:
I should warn you -- adding each strand of hair individually takes quite a while (maybe 3 hours), but it is good mindless work while you watch TV, or wait at the doctor's office, or watch your kid's gymnastics class, etc.  And I think this doll will be perfect for my little one, who is too young for a nicer Waldorf doll.  I just hate those small plastic faced dolls that I can buy at the store.  I wanted something more soft and snuggly -- and something I could throw in the washing machine!  I hope she loves it.  I might have to cut off hair, as the long hair really weighs it down.  I think she might like a lighter doll.  But I will wait and see how she plays with it first.

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  1. This turned out so cute Jennifer. I agree about the hair. The first 2 I made had short hair and there was no "heavy head". I wound up cutting my hair shorter... although it still fits in pigtails. Also, if the doll and neck are stuffed more, they give the head more support. I'm sure your little one is going to love her. She is so soft and cuddly. Thanks so much for sharing!


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