Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last minute gifts!

I have a few last minute gift ideas I wanted to share, now that we are down to the final TWO days before Christmas!

First, we made a batch of Almond Rocha following the recipe at From An Igloo.  Oh my, it was unbelievable!  This is what we gave teachers and bus drivers. Check it out here:

Then, we made Hot Cocoa on a Stick.  You can eat it as is, or heat up a mug of milk and stir until it becomes the most lovely, wonderfully rich hot cocoa in the world!    Here is a link to the recipe:
The most wonderful part is making homemade marshmallows.  It seemed totally magical when the sugar mixture I was beating turned into marshmallow!

I think tomorrow the kids and I might make a batch of salt dough ornaments.  Christine at From an Igloo did a great post about that. Seriously, it is worth clicking on the link to see the colorful ornaments her kids made.

And my last gift idea is one for little ones who are just learning to write.  I saw a Crayola Dry Erase activity center in the stores, and I thought I could do that cheaper.  I don't have pictures yet, because I haven't got the supplies yet, but I hopefully will tomorrow!  This is my plan:  use a regular 1 inch white binder that has the sort of clear plastic covering that you can slide papers behind.  Then fill the binder with cardstock that has handwriting worksheets of various sorts printed on it.  (There are lots of free sites that can generate these.)  And then I will also add a few dry erase markers and a square of fleece (as an eraser) all stored in a pencil case.  I will have to buy this type that fits in the binder.  When they want to practice, they can slide one of the templates into the front of the binder, and it will be like a little desk on their lap.  :)

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