Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowman ornaments

Here's a really fun little craft idea (in case you didn't already have enough to do in the last 3 days before Christmas!) -- snowman star ornaments.  I saw this idea in an old craft magazine at the library.  I will have to go back and figure out which one it was, so I can give proper credit.  These are made of fleece and painted, and they are a nice unbreakable ornament for the bottom half of your tree, if you have toddlers or pets.

First, draw a star shape to be your pattern.  It needs to be about 7" tall.  (I would definitely use the built in shapes in the drawing menu of Word for this.)  Round the tips of each point, and replace the top point with a half circle to be the head.  Add 1 cm seam allowance all around, and cut out your pattern.

Now trace your pattern on to white fleece, or whatever fabric you desire.  Remember to trace it twice -- once for the front of your snowman, and once for the back.  Cut out.

Now is the fun part -- painting!  Please believe me when I say I have NO talent whatsoever at painting or drawing.  You don't need it for this craft!  I used a set of $1.99 acrylic paints in little plastic pots -- you know the type, the ones that are all attached in a strip and come with their own paint brush.  :)  I just looked at the pictures in the magazine and free-hand painted these.  It only took 5 minutes per ornament, and it was really easy.
Let dry overnight.

Note:  You could let the kids do these and forget about any pre-conceived notions of how they would look.  Think what a cute keepsake this could be (or a gift for family)!

Now, put your painted snowman front right sides together with your plain snowman back.  Pin together.  At the top, pin in a loop of ribbon so that you will be able to hang this on the tree.  Sew all around, leaving an opening for turning.  Turn inside out, stuff with polyfil, and hand sew the opening closed.  Taaa daaa!  These would also be fun as beanbags, if you left off the ribbon loop and loosely stuffed with dried beans or rice instead.

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