Thursday, January 13, 2011

Castle Birthday Cake

My firstborn turns 7 tomorrow, and she wanted a cake that looks like a castle.  After searching through all the cakes here,  we decided on a white cake with ice cream cones for towers.  Here it is all finished:

Please excuse the messy frosting.  I am really terrible at getting the frosting to look smooth.

Here's how we did it.  First, we mixed up two batches of cake batter.  We made 2 9-inch square cakes and 2 round cakes -- maybe 5 inches in diameter.  While they were baking, we mixed up some very thick icing with confectioner's sugar and water.  It needs to be the consistency of toothpaste:

Then we stuck two kiddie cones end to end with a dab of icing:


 Then we stuck a sugar cone to the top.

We let this sit for a few hours to get hard, but it wasn't long enough.  I suggest you let it sit overnight, if you can.

Also while you are waiting for the cakes to cool, you can cover a piece of cardboard or a cutting board, maybe, with blue paper and saran wrap, to look like a moat.

Then, I made up buttercream frosting.  I made a double batch.  It was not enough!  I had to make a third batch.  I stacked and frosted the two square cakes, and then stacked and frosted the two round cakes on top.  The trickiest part by far is frosting the towers and pushing them into place at the corners.

Decorating was, of course, the fun part, and the kids helped.  We used spice drops, fruit by the foot, cookies, and Twizzlers.  It was lots of fun!  It came out kind of messy, but the kids are over the moon!


  1. This is really cute, and I love that the kids were active participants.

  2. Cute Jenn! I have a great frosting recipe that sets up really really well for sticking things together!


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