Monday, January 31, 2011

An outfit to match Kit!

For Christmas, my daughter received an American Girl doll.  The doll's name is Kit Kittredge, and her novels are set during the Great Depression.  Kit has gone everywhere with us, and my daughter says she is really part of our family.  Of course, she wanted an outfit to match the one in which Kit arrived.  Of course, I am too cheap to purchase one from American Girl at upwards of $100.  So here's how to make a Kit Kittredge outfit for a girl.

The hardest part is finding a sweater or sweater set in the right color.  I could not find one anywhere, and I could not find sweater knit fabric or even interlock in this color, either.  In the end, we were lucky enough to find a sweater just the right shade at Goodwill in adult XS.  I hemmed the sleeves and left the rest of the sweater untouched. If you are not lucky enough to find the right shade in a ready-to-wear sweater or matching fabric, I would suggest you find a color you like  and then use match the skirt fabric to the sweater.

Now, the skirt is probably the most critical part.  There are actually many lines of 1930's reproduction prints in quilting stores.  We took Kit and walked up and down the aisles of our local quilting store until we found a similar print.  This is the fabric I used.  The line of fabric is called Storybook VIII.

For the pattern, I adapted an Ottobre pleated skirt pattern from the 6/2009 issue.  As you can see, it came out a little large, and I think I need to go back and add elastic to the waist.  The only change I made to the pattern was to change the placement and number of pleats to match Kit's skirt.

Now, the hat is what I am proud of!  I don't generally crochet at all because I just don't get it.  I love knitting, but crochet has always escaped me.  For this hat, I followed the pattern found here (but I made it a little smaller to fit a child's head), and I kept a learn to crochet book open on my lap the whole time!  And I re-tied that lovely bow at least 20 times until I got it looking pretty enough.  The yarn was Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.

This outfit was her birthday present, along with a few other dolly and me items.  Here's a coat for Kit to match her winter coat.
And a pettiskirt for each of them:

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