Saturday, January 29, 2011

Overnight undies

Last night I completed six pairs of our family calls "Overnight Undies."  None of my children really wet the bed anymore (except the baby, but we keep her in diapers :) ), but somehow even though the bed is never wet, it sometimes smells a little like pee after a day or two.  One of my dear children, in particular, apparently leaks a little.  I definitely did NOT want to go back to using Pull-ups, so this is our solution instead.

This pattern for boxer briefs comes from the Finnish children's pattern magazine Ottobre.  Ottobre is my favorite source of children's patterns.  They always fit!  However, please be advised that Ottobre patterns are really meant for fairly experienced seamstresses.  The directions assume you know a fair amount about sewing, and actually tracing the patterns out is fairly difficulty.

This pattern is from the 2/2004 issue.  (If you want to buy it, they are on sale at Sewzanne's Fabrics until Valentine's Day!)  I have modified it only slightly.  The flame colored fabric in the center panel of the briefs is PUL.  PUL stands for "polyurethane laminated" fabric.  It is a waterproof fabric commonly used in diaper making.  JoAnn's recently started carrying it. 

So, the center front and back panels are made of waterproof PUL, and then there is a single layer of absorbant cotton sherpa inside the center panels, facing the body.  This would NOT be enough absorption for a true bedwetter, but it works for us and is not bulky enough to feel like a diaper.
If you follow the tutorial found here at SewingMamas, you can have all the seam allowances on the outside of the undies, which would be more comfortable.  Note that in the above picture, I messed up on one seam, and the serged seam is inside.  It is so counterintuitive to sew wrong sides together after years and years of sewing right sides together!

The fabric for the legs can be whatever cute prints you happen to have on hand.  All cotton would be the most comfy. 

I hope this is helpful for someone.  I have not seen tutorials for exactly this need before.  These could also be used as trainers, but you would probably want to bulk up the absorbent layers.

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