Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Pattern, Four Looks

In addition to an ever growing stash of fabric, I also seem to have acquired a habit of accumulating patterns as well.  And this is really silly, because I believe my sewing skills are at a point now where I really shouldn't need many patterns.  So this month I participated in a challenge at SewingMamas to try to take one basic pattern and make a few different looks.  I used a basic t-shirt pattern from Ottobre magazine.  Here's how it looks with no changes:

Next, I did an easy modification.  I used the front pattern piece for both the front and the back.  Also, when I did the binding on the neck, I made a few feet of extra binding that I used to make cross straps at the back.  This was so quick and easy, and I love it!

My only caution about this one -- make sure the pattern you choose does not have too low of a scoop in the front, or your bra will show.

This next one might be my favorite.  I made a twist top overlay.  If anyone is interested in a tutorial, let me know in the comments.  I am thinking of making another anyways, in a prettier color, so I could take pictures along the way.

And the last one was the most challenging for me.  First, I changed it to a dolman sleeve (which means the front and sleeve are all one piece).  Then I changed it to a boat neck.  And, finally, I changed the cut to be a little tighter.  This was took a lot of fiddling for me, but it is very easy to sew once you get the pattern the way you want it.  It is one single pattern piece -- same for front and back -- with a seam at the shoulders and the side.  Again, I might do a tutorial on how to draft this one.

It was so much fun to challenge myself a little and not just follow the pattern directions.  I will hopefully be doing the same sort of challenge with a kids pattern, too, so stay tuned.

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