Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No-sew Mini Dolls Tutorial

We are in the midst of a major dollhouse project in our household right now!  And I am probably having more fun than the kids.  :)  Here is our only partially finished dollhouse:

We glued in the flooring and wallpaper today.  It is all scrapbook paper, but isn't it lovely?  Do you like the tile in the bathroom and the parquet flooring in the dining room?

We've been busy making furniture, too!  All the furniture is made out of egg cartons, and it has yet to be painted.

For most of the furniture, we just followed the directions in the last issue of Family Fun magazine.  But the bathroom furniture is all our own designs.  The pedestal sink is my favorite. 

But -- how could one possibly play in a dollhouse without dolls????  Family Fun had no doll instructions, so I made my own.  These are really easy no-sew dolls, and I took pictures along the way.  And because the arms and legs are pipecleaners, you can pose the dolls.

Supplies List:
  • Pair of "Moisturizing Gloves" from the Dollar Tree in the bath section
  • Pipecleaners, also from the Dollar Tree
  • Something to stuff your dolls with -- I used polyfill, but you could use cotton balls
  • Paint and tiny paintbrush or fine tip markers to make the face

1.  Using scissors, cut the glove into separate sections straight down from the fingers (so the finger is left intact with long fabric tails from the palm of the glove).

2.  Choose a long even finger (probably finger 3 or 4) and stuff a little polyfil in the very tip.  Then take a pipecleaner and fold it in half.  These will be the doll's legs.  Push the folded end into the doll's body and add more polyfil until the entire finger is firmly stuffed.  Ideally, the pipecleaner would extend far up into the doll's body to make it poseable.

3.  Tie an overhand knot in the long fabric tails so that the knot is between the doll's legs.

4.  Trim off the excess fabric.  Now this is the only tricky part.  Push the knot into the body so that it is entirely hidden.  I couldn't really get a picture of this -- just shove it in.  See how in the finished dolls there is no knot showing?

5.  Next week need to add arms.  Take a second pipe cleaner and wrap it around the doll where you want the neck to be.  Draw it in tightly and twist it 2 or 3 times at the back of the neck.

6.  Now your doll should look like this:

7.  Use scissors to trim the arms and legs to an appropriate length.  I also bent the tips of the arms and legs backwards, to give the impression of hands and feet.

8.  Add a face with paint or very fine tip markers.  Taaadaaa!  You're done!  If you want, make them different length to make children.  Here's a doll family portrait:

Total cost = $2, since we already had paint and polyfil around our house. 

I hope you will make some and post comments with links to pictures of your dolls!

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  1. Wow! I love these! I found your blog through a link from Ravelry to some knitted folk dolls (your blog talks about them in Dec. 2010, I think?). Anyway, I'm PKJewelry over on Rav, and I just wanted to stop by and say how I love this idea...I can't wait until my little Peanut has her own dollhouse so I can make some!


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