Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Dollhouse -- Finally Finished!

Here are the pictures of our finished dollhouse!  We had so much fun making this.  It is a great project to do with the kids, since there is so much gluing and painting.  We used lovely paper from a scrapbooking stack to get the parquet flooring for the dining room, the linoleum for the kitchen, the tiling for the bathroom, the brickwork for the front of the house, and all the wallpaper, too. 

Here's the front of the house:
I printed out pictures of windows and a door, and the kids glued them in place.

But the inside is even more fun!

One of my favorite rooms is the bathroom, with the toilet, mirror, pedestal sink, bathtub, and shower curtain.  My next blog post will be a tutorial on how to make the shower curtain using the sleeve from an old t-shirt.

It might be hard to see, but the shower curtain has flowers on it.  We made the reflective part of the mirror with a clean piece of a potato chip bag. 

I really love the dining room, too.  My daughter decided we needed a high chair for the baby.  We also made a vase with real flowers in it.  And the most fun part -- a family portrait hanging on the wall!

All dollhouses have hardwood floors, right?

In the living room, a favorite show is on the TV.

The kitchen is pretty much exactly how Family Fun instructed:

And lastly, we have the bedroom.  We added a rocking cradle for the baby.

I hope you will make a dollhouse, too!  Remember, you can find the instructions for the dollhouse at the Family Fun website, and the instructions for the dolls are here on my blog.


  1. Oh wow!! Jenn, this is SO CUTE!!! I love all the details! We have dollhouses too but ours are the store bought, or handed down variety. Ahnalin would LOVE to make one too. So very fun!!!

  2. You should make one with Ahnalin! It is such a fun project.


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