Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tutorial: Doll house shower curtain

To make a shower curtain for your doll house, you will need an old t-shirt (adult size would be best), a straw, 3 twist ties, and some markers.

1.  Cut the sleeve from the t-shirt.

2.  Cut a rectangular piece of sleeve, so that the hem of the sleeve is left intact.

3. Draw a design with markers.  I made flowers.

4.  Make a shower curtain rod by cutting a straw to the appropriate length (about 5 inches if your dollhouse is made according the Family Fun instructions).  Also take 3 twist ties and join them together (or use a really long twist tie if you have one).

5.  Thread the twist tie through the straw.

6.  Then thread the whole shower curtain rod through the hem edge of your shower curtain.

7.  Tape one end of the twist tie to the back wall of the bathroom, and fold the other end of the twist tie around the end of the bathroom ceiling.  Use a piece of tape to keep it from sliding out.

All done!

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