Saturday, June 11, 2011

Planning for Homeschool Preschool

I have been working hard on creating 36 weekly plans for our 4 year old's homeschool preschool year.  I want to make sure that he gets all the attention he needs even when we are busy homeschooling the older kids.  Plus, I want to make it easy for my husband, who is the one who actually stays home and teaches the children.  Our family's philosophy on early education is that it should have lots of unstructured free play time, lots of reading out loud, listening to music, and time outdoors.  But with all that unstructured time, I also want to make sure he is getting the early literacy skills he will need to become a successful reader.

So we have decided to do a Letter of the Week.  There are lots of free Letter of the Week ideas available if you do a quick google search, but none of them were quite what I wanted.  So I am writing my own plan.  I want to introduce you to a few resources that I am using and think are really great:

  • Art Across the Alphabet by Kelly Justus Campbell
    This is great for ideas about decorating a cutout of each letter.
  • Letter of the Week! by Christine Clement Stack
    This has ideas for activities, craft projects, even some songs and books for each letter.

  • Handwriting Without Tears
    This is an entire line of handwriting products, but the preschool books are fantastic.  They cover capital letters, shapes, colors, and numbers.  This is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that only has preschoolers using crayons, rather than pencils or pens.  What I love is that this program uses manipulatives to teach the letters.  First the students use wooden letter pieces to build the letter, then they use playdoh to make the letter, then they use a slate, and finally they move on to using a crayon.  I can't find a package that puts together everything I am using.  I bought mine used at a curriculum fair.  I would suggest buying the Get Set for School workbook, the Pre-K teacher manual, the Wooden Letters with laminated letter sheets, the music CD, a slate and chalk, and the Roll-A-Dough letter manipulative (if you have a playdoh obsessed boy like me!), which you can get at Rainbow Resource.
I am planning on making my weekly lesson plans available using google docs.  I hope they will be helpful!


  1. Jenn, we are thinking of doing something similar:) Maybe I can take Noah once a week and do a special project with our boys!

  2. Kelly, that would be fun! We are not going in ABC error, but rather the order that is used by Handwriting without tears.


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