Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Tshirt -- Revised!

I decided that the tshirt I embellished the other day needed some color.  I was helped along to this decision by my 5 year old who said, "Mom, please, can it be colored in???"

So here is the finished product:

I tried a new type of paint that I found at my newly expanded JoAnn Fabrics.  It is a very thin paint, almost more like a dye than a paint.  The advantage to this is that it does not add any stiffness at all to the shirt.  It seems more like a screenprinting dye than a paint.  The disadvantage is that it bleeds a little bit beyond the bounds of the sections I was trying to paint.  But I liked it enough I will use it again in the future.  It is called Dye-na-Flow by Jacquard.  And it only took a few drops to do this tshirt.

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