Sunday, July 3, 2011

Preschool Plans Now Available

Check out the new page on this blog that has Preschool Lesson Plans!  There's a tab up at the top to click on.  I have added Weeks 1 - 3 so far.  There will be 36 weeks total (which is the standard length of a school year in this state), and they will be coming soon.  I have all the planning done, so it shouldn't take long at all to get them up. 

I am excited about these plans.  I think that they reflect our family's education philosophy for the early learner.  We believe in lots of unstructured play time and a fairly relaxed attitude towards formal schooling at this age.  I definitely do not want to push my child before he is ready for written work, as that is a skill that might developmentally be too difficult.  So these plans limit the writing to a couple of workbook pages per week. 

The plans are based on a letter of the week, and when we run out of letters, then we do a number of the week!  Each day, there is a lesson based on Handwriting Without Tears, followed by a craft project or an activity.  The supplies needed are all things we already have around our home.  Often, the activities and craft projects can be completed with the older and younger siblings as well.  I hope you find these plans useful and helpful in your homeschooling!

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