Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploring Shapes

Don't you just love natural learning opportunities? I do!  Today, while I was making dinner, my son was playing with a plastic beaded necklace on the kitchen floor.  He was all excited about the funky shapes he was creating.  He was creating some really unusual ones for which I am pretty sure we do not have names.

So, I asked him to make a triangle.  It took him a few seconds to figure out how to pull the necklace to make a triangle.  I know you are thinking that it sounds pretty simple, but it requires you to figure out how many sides and how many "corners" the shape has. 

Next, I asked him to make a square.  Even though he has known all of his basic shapes for at least a year (or maybe 2), he couldn't figure it out!  We had to look at other squares and count the corners before he could create one on his own with the necklace.  For some reason, creating the shape with the necklace forced him to think about the number of sides and the number of corners in a much more concrete way than just drawing a shape with a crayon or pencil.

I think maybe it is time to pull out the Geoboards!  They are a fun way for kids to explore shapes, all while playing. 

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