Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tutorial: Funky Upcycle Accessories

Funky Upcycle Set: Armwarmers, Hat, and Necklace Plus a Bolero

1.  Find a great shirt at the thrift store -- I like them to be stripy!  This is a women's size small.

2.  Cut the sleeves off at your desired length for the arm warmers.

3.  Turn the sleeves inside out and serge a new side seam so that the sleeve gets narrower as it approaches the cut end.  In this picture, the sleeve on the right has already been narrowed in this way, but the left sleeve has not.

4.  Cut out a triangle shape to make the thumb shaping.

5. Serge around where you just cut out the triangle.  Then turn right side out.  The cut edge will be unfinished so it curls over time, which means you are all done with the  armwarmers!

6.  Now, for the hat.  I wanted to re-use the hem of the shirt as the bottom hemmed edge of the hat.  My daughter was not around to measure her head circumference, so I just traced around a winter hat that I knew fits her well. 
This shirt has a curved hem, so I cut the hat so that the longer edge would be in the back of the hat, and the front of the hat is the side seam of this shirt.  This shirt has decorative contrast stitching, which will now run right down the front of the hat. 

7.  Turn the hat inside out and serge the cut curved seam.  Make sure to secure the serging at the ends of your seam, of course.

Here it is turned right side out -- all done!  The front of the hat is on the right in this picture.

8.  For the necklace, cut wide strips from your shirt -- 2 or 3 inches wide.

9.  Then cut the strips at one side seam to make 3 long pieces of fabric.  In this picture, only 2 of them were cut open so far.

10. Lay all 3 strips on top of each other and sew them together along one short end.

11.  Now braid them loosely. 

12.  Form it into a loop, and sew or serge both ends together.  Finished!

13.  Your hat, necklace, and arm warmers set is done, but you have enough of the shirt leftover to make a cut little bolero style cardigan.
14.  Just cut directly up the middle.

15.  Then add a snap or button to close it.  Leave all the edges raw to curl.  This will look so cute over a white t-shirt!

So, out of one women's small size shirt, you have made a hat, arm warmers, necklace, and short sleeve bolero.

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