Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun boy clothes!

A couple of years ago (maybe even last year), I remember people saying that they loved to sew boy clothes because it was so much fun.  I could not relate to that at all!  Boy clothes seemed tedious, with so much topstitching, and ironing pockets, and general work!  But girl clothes -- now those just seem to fly together in no time at all!  But I think that maybe it was just a sign that I was not a very experienced sewist.  This year, I am loving sewing for my boys.

I love these shorts! The appliques are from Ottobre magazine 3/11 pattern #25. But I didn't use that shorts pattern. Instead, I used my favorite pants pattern from Ottobre 1/09 and just shortened them.

Are you wondering what the heck is wrong with my son's chin? Yeah. He ran through the flower bed, tripped over the gutter, and fell into the driveway. Two stitches. But they gave him a Spiderman sticker so he thought it was totally worth it.

The shirt is "Riff" from Ottobre 3/10 #18. This is just a nice raglan, even if you didn't want to do the guitar applique.

I made them in size 5 for my son, and size 3 for a swap I am participating in on Sewing Mamas. Here are close-ups of the ones for the swap.

The pocket is meant to be a parking spot for two cars, so it has a line of stitching down the middle.


Speed limit of 60.


I used metallic puffy paint instead of studs to decorate the guitar. It seemed like it would be more comfortable -- totally inspired by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and her Viking shirt for her son.

Fun tag from Night Owl's Menagerie on Etsy.  She has the best tags ever!  Check out that coverstitched hem.  Impressive, right?  (Well, maybe not, but it makes me happy.)


It is so satisfying to complete a project and feel like it is stand-out and unique.  And, I feel like my work is finally starting to look professional, too.

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