Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tie-dyeing: An End of Summer Project

Summer vacation is winding down, and school is starting next week.  I am back to work this week, but the children still have a few days of vacation left.  They are trying to squeeze out every last drop of fun!

As an end-of-summer project, we tried tie-dyeing some t-shirts.  I just bought a Tulip brand kit.  It was great and had enough supplies to do 20 shirts.  We used half the dye this year, and we still have enough to do it again next year.  I have two suggestions: buy lots of plastic gloves, because the kit doesn't have enough, and make sure you do your project on a nice day so you can do it outside. 

We had some neighborhood friends come join us.  I spread out a garbage bag per child on the driveway and allowed them free reign with the squirt bottles full of dye.  Even outside, it is pretty messy.  But so fun.

Hannah and I did spiral patterns.

Noah, Sarah, and Joseph all did bullseye style patterns.
It was a lot of fun, especially with a large group.

And there is nothing I love more than a bun of colorful children, swinging...

riding bikes...

and just playing outside on a sunny day.

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