Friday, September 14, 2012

Adult shirt refashioned to child pants

So... I think I am not normal.  Not a surprise to those who know me, I am sure.  But I cannot turn off the sewing part of my brain ever.  At Goodwill recently, I saw a adult shirt on the clearance rack.  (That's another way I am not normal.  I am so cheap I shop the clearance section at thrift stores.)  And I thought how cute the buttons at the cuff on the long-sleeved button down shirt would look -- if only they were at the ankle on a little girl's pair of pants.

So I bought the shirt, cut off the sleeves...

Added a stretchy yoga-style waistband...

And made pants...

Sarah was really excited about the pants -- just not excited enough to put down her cheesestick.

A matching tunic is in progress.  With such a bright, busy, stripey set of pants, she needs a solid tunic to tone it down, I think.


  1. So cute Jenn! And I don't think I have ever heard you say the words "tone it down" before:)

  2. LOL, I know it doesn't sound like me, right? I have to get a picture with the tunic I made. It is brown with pink binding and a teapot applique made of the same stripy fabric.


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