Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tasty Tuesday -- Week 2!

I have been making 5 - 6 bento boxes every school day for the last month.  I like that my kids are getting more varied lunches.  The hard part is coming up with enough variety to keep going day after day! 

This is what the kids and I are eating for lunch today:
Most days I can't come up with anything "cute" for lunch.  But what I try to do is put a variety of foods in the bento box.  Today we are having sliced cucumber and carrot, a slice of cheese cut into teddy bears, mini crackers, a slice and a half of ham cut into roll-ups, and diced apple.  With a cute pick to eat the apple.  My Noah boy says it is a "pitty lunch."  That means pretty.  I guess it can't get any better than that! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Today I am starting a new blog feature on Mama Hen Jenn called Tasty Tuesdays where I will share a food related post.  I am hopeful that many of them will feature bento box style lunches.  I have been making bento lunches for my children this school year.  I know -- it seems silly since 3 out of the 4 children are homeschooled.  Why would I pack them a lunch?  Well, if I don't plan a lunch for them, they eat yogurt or PB&J every. single. day.  No variety ever.  Ever.  Also, they really REALLY like it when I make them a lunch.  I think it makes them feel special. 

So here is a lunch from last week.
This little guy is made from a ham and cheese sandwich made on a hamburger bun.  It just fits in our bento box.  Then a clementine for a head, with triscuit hair, candy eyes, and fruit flat smile.  I used a dab of leftover caramel sauce to hold the eyes in place.  Usually I wouldn't have that on hand, so I would probably use cream cheese as the glue.  It took only a couple of minutes longer than if I had just made a sandwich and peeled an orange, but the kids were really excited.   
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