Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Castle Cake!

My kids are in a rut!  Hannah wanted a castle cake for her birthday again this year.  Noah says he wants Lightning McQueen again this year for his birthday.  I think I am doomed to make the same cakes again and again. 

The castle cake was pretty easy.  I made a few layers in different sizes, decorated the whole thing with dots of buttercream frosting for stones, and then made marshmallow crenellations with sour patch soldiers behind.  The flags made of lollipop sticks with fruit by the foot flags.  And the windows are the tops of the lollipops.  The towers are just a combination of 3 ice cream cones stuck together with frosting and covered in sprinkles.  And the drawbridge is a cookie.   

Every kid who ended up at our impromptu birthday party (8 guests plus my 4!) wanted a tower to eat.  They were very popular.   

And here's one picture of Hannah with her favorite gift -- a camera of her very own!  What a lucky girl!

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