Monday, January 28, 2013

Learning Letters on a Light Table

Today during our preschool time, Sarah and I played on the light table.

I squirted some orange paint in a gallon size ziploc bag, which I then sealed again with a line of duct tape.
Sarah used her finger to draw letters in the paint.  Then you squish it around to "erase" and try again.

We were working on the letter M today. 

We've tried this before as a fun, tactile way to learn letters.  Today was even more fun on the light table because the letters you draw seem to glow. 

I'm so blessed to have such a little cutie to play with. 

Then I left and went to work -- and I have to tell you, teaching college was not nearly as fun as teaching preschool today. 


  1. Fabulous! And yes...pre-schoolers are wayyy more fun than college kids!

    1. LOL - at least sometimes! If you asked me tonight before bed in the middle of a temper tantrum, I might change my answer.


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