Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have discovered a new love...

And it's peg dolls.

(You're surprised, right?  You were probably expecting me to say chocolate.  Or salted caramels.  Or chevrons.  Those are all true, too.)

The great part about peg dolls is that they really open up imaginative play.
Sarah, who is four, will play for an hour with her peg dolls, doing all the dialogue for all the dolls in a little unintelligible sing-song voice that she uses just while playing. 
(This totally gratifies the Waldorf-loving mommy in me.)
Can you see what she is playing with? 
It's a set of 12 little girls in two straight lines!  Oh, how we love Madeline in our house!
Actually, Miss Clavel is my favorite.
Peg dolls are basically a blank canvas.  I bought a bag of girl shapes and a bag of boy shapes from an Etsy seller, and then I just used acrylic paints to decorate them.  I finished them by rubbing them with beeswax. 
You can be really creative and make up your own designs.
Or you can be like me, and copy the things you like on Pinterest. 
(I might sometimes only do the easy parts or simplify hugely.  For instance, the ties on the Madeline girls are just red blobs in my version, unlike the originals I was emulating.  Turns out Sarah doesn't care.)
What?  You don't follow Pinterest boards of peg dolls? 
You should!  They are cute!
Check out this one by my friend Crys.
It's kind of addicting.  I just made a couple more sets last week to swap with a friend.  I forgot to take pictures, but I made pirates this time.  I love them. 
The possibilities are endless.  I was thinking of making a set of Monsters, Inc. ones next.  Or maybe some minions.  I do love minions...

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