Thursday, June 18, 2015

A diaper bag!

So I guess I haven't blogged in two years... huh.  Time really gets away from you sometimes...

Nevertheless, I have been creating, mostly sewing, sewing, and more sewing!  Here's a recent project that I had a lot of fun with.

My friend Kelly is having another baby!  After a few kids, you start to feel like you need some new things -- for you and for the baby!  She found a diaper bag that she liked (shown on this blog:, but it was out of her price range, so I was trying to replicate that. 

This was such a fun project because I was challenging myself to make that diaper bag, but to do it in a way that I could afford! So I went to oodles of thrift stores until I found a (faux) leather purse in the right color for only $5 that I could cut apart as a source of the leather and a source of hardware (including the zipper) for the bag. But I needed more hardware, and it is so pricey! So I ended up buying another thrift store purse for $3.50 just for the magnetic snap (they are $6 a piece at JoAnns!), and I bought dog leashes at the dollar store for the spinny hook things on the ends of the strap. And I also got two dollar store dog collars that I sewed to the inside as stroller straps. My favorite diaper bag was one that had stroller straps. It makes everything so much easier! I bought a 2 pack of flexible thin plastic cutting boards at the dollar store, too, to cut up to reinforce the bottom of the bag. I did have to buy some interfacing and the outer striped fabric, but I think my grand total cost was about $22 for the materials. The yellow fabric inside is actually a fabric from my grandmother. It is probably at least 50 years old and has been hiding in my stash for years. It had all sorts of discoloration that I had to cut around, but I think it looks great.

This bag is made using the tutorial found here: 

Front: (notice the handmade tag -- I miss Night Owl Menagerie!)
IMG_20150611_1650588 69 byjenn_carney, on Flickr

Back (the zipper and zipper pull were from the thrift store purse. I promise it isn't wonky, though it looks it in this picture)
IMG_20150611_1651413 09 byjenn_carney, on Flickr

Inside -- elastic pocket divided into three parts on one side and two parts on the other side. And you can see the stroller straps, too.
IMG_20150611_1652024 64 byjenn_carney, on Flickr

Straps -- the tabs with the rings are cut from the thrift store purse. And then the hook parts are from the dog leashes. I love how it looks. This is showing you the side of the bag. It has pockets on both sides. This bag has 10 pockets in total!

IMG_20150611_1653017 16_HDR by jenn_carney, on Flickr

Inside of front flap -- here you see the "creative design element." I was basically done sewing the whole bag, when I realized that the magnetic snap placement was wrong. It would only work if the bag was stuffed completely full, but if the bag was partially empty, the snaps wouldn't line up. So I needed to add a second magnetic snap (which necessitated more trips to thrift stores to find a cheap purse as a source of a magnetic snap). Since everything was already assembled and topstiched, I would have needed to seam rip at least 3 seams, maybe more to get access to add the snap. So instead, I cut a hole in the fabric to reach in and add the snap, and then I covered it with a patch. That patch is made from printable fabric that is heat-n-bonded to the bag. I made the graphic in Word and printed it right out onto the fabric. This is perfect because the tradition in our little group of friends is to each share a special scripture verse or two with the expectant mom at the baby shower, so now it will be printed right on the gift. This picture also shows the little spot on the edge where I melted the faux leather with my iron -- grrr. I am *not* showing you the other part that I messed up where the stripes are not straight on the front pocket -- but at least the flap covers that mistake.
IMG_20150611_1652391 02 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

I was so glad when Kelly opened the present and was so thrilled with the diaper bag!  I can't wait to meet her new little one -- maybe this week!

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  1. You did a wonderful job Jenn! And you find products to use the same way I do. See you in July.
    Aunt S


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