Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And now we quilt!

My 11 year old and I made our very first quilt this summer. It is a small one -- only crib sized. But she and I were both involved in every single step, so she learned all the basic skills needed for quilting. (There are a million pictures of the simplest quilt, I know. Can you tell that I am excited? )

She picked the fabric and we picked the pattern together (Sunset Ridge quilt from Moda bakeshop blog).
I taught her to rotary cut:
IMG_20150619_1509207 28 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

She did at least a third of the piecing (I am quicker than her), and hers was usually straighter than mine! She worked side by side with me on a second machine. 
IMG_20150623_0938014 25 byjenn_carney, on Flickr

She was proud when the quilt top was done:
IMG_20150627_1201194 16 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

After many failed practice attempts at free motion quilting, we decided to go with straight line quilting. Hannah chose for it to be diagonal (which was not what I was rooting for), and she was absolutely right -- it looks great on the finished quilt. I found a walking foot I didn't even know I had and learned to use that.
No one told me that this part of the process takes FOREVER! I couldn't believe how long it took to sew all those parallel lines:
IMG_20150701_1103150 75 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

Then we had to learn to do binding. It came out ok -- kind of uneven sometimes. I am sure we will get better at it. I actually really enjoyed hand sewing the binding to the back, but Hannah did not enjoy the handsewing so much.
IMG_20150802_214508 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

Here is the finished quilt front:
IMG_20150803_1909054 02_HDR by jenn_carney, on Flickr

And back -- again the fabric choice was Hannah's. All the kids love this fabric. It would not personally have been my choice, but eh.
IMG_20150803_1909284 44_HDR by jenn_carney, on Flickr

Close up of our quilting. Since it took forever, it deserves a second photo.
IMG_20150803_1910048 25_HDR by jenn_carney, on Flickr

IMG_20150803_1909461 73_HDR by jenn_carney, on Flickr

IMG_20150803_183142 by jenn_carney, on Flickr

If you read all this, you a patient and kind person.  Thanks for bearing with me with this novel!

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